S5E3 Taking the P


Hey! It’s another show! This episode we have special guest Adam P Knave. Adam is probably best known for his book Amelia Cole (available on comixology folks!) and his podcast The Glory The Glory. This week we talk about Comixology and Amazon, and the big news of Amazon’s removal of Comixology’s in app purchases. For us this counts as a proper debate. Which means we still say stupid things.



Season 5 Episode 2 – It’s The Cadwell and Ball show!


This week we’ve got Warwick Johnston-Cadwell and Robert Ball on the show, chatting about their co-created character Derek Danger, and his debut comic Dangeritis.



We’re hoping soon to have a voicemail box up so that listeners can drop in questions for announced guests or just conversation topics, so keep an eye out for that.

Later skaters.

Season 5, Episode 1: Failure To Relaunch


Sunnyside Comics is back for a 5th season! With a new format, dynamite guests and competitions. PJ isn’t with us this week but stepping in are 2 of IDW’s finest Erik Burnham @erikburnham (writer on Ghostbusters) and Josh Burcham @jcburcham (colourist on Transformers, Samurai Jack and 24) who talk about their own books and what they are reading at the minute.

To celebrate the new Sunnyside Comics we are giving away digital download codes for all the books we talk about in the episode:
Magneto 1
Moon Knight 1
Punisher 1-3
Amazing X-Men 1-4
To be in with a chance of winning simply follow @sunnysidecomics on twitter and tweet the link to the new episode with the #SSComicsS5E1 hashtag. We will pick 4 winners at random and announce them on our next show.

s04e11 We’re BACK! Pre-Christmas catchup!


This episode, we catch up with Ron, Scott and PJ and chat DICE and why Ron didn’t go.

We also discuss what would constitute a best-of podcast (answer: not much)

We cover the Marvel Unlimited app (in fact, this episode is a little Marvel heavy, so we’ll try and get back to slightly more obscure comics next time…) and review some stuff.


s04e10 Sunnyside No Mower…?


HEY! It’s another new episode of Sunnyside comics Podcast, all the gang are back at Rons house and talking nonsense about comics.

First up, we have to answer the question… IS THIS THE END FOR SUNNYSIDE COMICS…? Listen on, dear listener, listen on.

PJ Rants about modern music, we talk DICE, 2D and the Belfast MCM. We also review some comics, catch up, and Scott sells PJ on the idea of Marvel Unlimited (IT’S ACE!-pj)



se04e09 Be Our Guest…


It’s our fourth year of podcasting! I KNOW!

I’ll be honest, this show was recorded a while ago, and I can’t remember what it’s about, so I’m listening to this now.  To the surprise of no-one I bore everyone about manga studio, Monsterology and Numbercruncher. I wish they’d stop me. Even I can’t listen to it.

I also implore everyone to buy preorder Dept of Monsterology #1. Even though you can’t now. Le sigh.

We also talk: music, comics and movies.

Anyway, enjoy the show…

(I promise we get stupid a bit later…!)

s04e08 Man oh Man of Steel


Yay! We’re back! Podcasting live and direct from the Ronster’s front living room. Like, whenever he remembers to come home and let PJ and Scott into the house (after they’d been waiting outside for half an hour) luckily they’re not bitter about this.

This weeks show we cover 2d, the Jordie Bellaire ‘cast, Yo Yo and kid Yo Yo, a review of BPRD Plague of Frogs volume 4 and there are major spoilers for Man of Steel. (Not to worry, you can listen safely to the non spoilered section of the show until we get to the MoS steel bit and you can skip a chunk of it – there’s fair warning…)

Also the show is about 2 hours long(!) which is what happens when PJ exercises some self control and doesn’t just announce he’s had enough.

Have at it! And don’t forget: we need reviews on the iTunes store – if you’ve not reviewed us before it’d be awesome if you could. You’ll find it here.

s04e7 Kicking Kickstarter


Woosh! From our mics to your ipod (other mp3 players are available) The Sunnyside Comics podcast is back. This week, PJ shares the pain of a digital comics reading habit, Ron tells us about Marshall Law and Scott … well, I’m never really sure what Scott does. BUT HE WAS DEFINITELY THERE! (so was Suzy, she’s 23, you know…)

We review: Now Xmen New Now NEW. Or whatever the hell it’s called. That one by Immomen and Bendis. Marshall Law by that Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill and we talk Bill Willingham’s kickstarter.

Being a podcast from Belfast about Comics