Episode 11 – BERSERKER!


This week we had a trio of guests – Adam, Andy and Ryan Brown – three brothers who started the Berserker Comics company last year to produce titles such as The Dead and Church of Hell.

They tell us about the pitfalls and perils of publishing, what it’s like to work with such luminaries as Alan Grant, Simon Bisley and Glenn Fabry and their plans for the future.
Apologies for the poor sound for Adam – for whatever reason the mic didn’t seem to be picking him up as well as Ryan.
You can check out their site at www.thedeadcomic.com.
Also, this recent video of them gives you a good idea of how much work they’ve put into the whole enterprise.

3 thoughts on “Episode 11 – BERSERKER!”

  1. Embarrassed to say I never realised these guys were an N.I. based publisher, or I’d have made more of an effort to plug ’em sooner.I reckon the kids who go crazy in the library for THE WALKING DEAD trades would probably dig this stuff. So Adam, Andy, Ryan: donate some copies to your local Libraries N.I. branch and see your word of mouth spread!

  2. I will make sure it gets passed on! Honestly though, there’s no way to tell their books are coming out of a little shop in smithfield market – it’s slightly amazing…-pj

  3. Fair play lads. If ye’re doing 4-issue arcs i’m surprised you don’t just bring them out as a series of GNs, but if it’s workin’ for ye, why not. I’ll definitely pick up the first trade. What i saw in the video looks class.

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