Episode 17b – The Geeks Invented It, Y’know?

Part 2, and we open with a little guest appearance by Stacey Whittle from the Small Press Big Mouth podcast. Then we continue our discussion of geeky relationships and love in comics.
Finally Karen reviews Ethel and Ernest by Raymond Briggs (make sure you have a tissue). Note that that’s an Amazon Affiliate link, and if you buy it from there we’ll get a little scratch from Amazon. Won’t cost you a penny extra, and helps us pay for the podcast hosting.


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4 thoughts on “Episode 17b – The Geeks Invented It, Y’know?”

  1. My first listen and loved it.To throw in my 2p on the whole “nerd partner” thing. Personally my wife is a comic nerd and it kinda rocks. She buys comics I get to steal and for our 5th wedding anniversary next year we are going to New York Comic Con.. her call. Is also cool that when we do sad couply date nights in the pub we can get hammered and talk Preacher and Dredd.

  2. The download link for both halves of the show, i.e., for both the “a” and “b” halves points to the same audio file, i.e., to the “a” half, thereby rendering the “b” half currently inaccessible.

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