Episode 7 – Riddle Me This…


A first for us – guests!

God help them, but fledgling Belfast comics-creators Stephen Downey and Andrew Croskery elected to come in and tell us about their work with Insomnia Publications.

Stephen (Twitter) gave us the low-down on Cancertown (preview), while Andrew (twitter) told us about his upcoming book Kronos City (preview).

Then PJ and Ron decide to abuse the guests and Scott with a stupid quiz about super-heroes. The only real loser was comedy.

Stephen’s blog can be found at How not to draw comics…, where you can also purchase Cancertown. We were going to put up our standard Amazon Affiliate link, but Stephen pointed out he gets paid twice if you buy from him, and who can deny such a show of blunt avarice?

Andrew’s blog is at Andrew Croskery (not as imaginatively named there Croskery!) – Kronos City is due out in 2010.

This week, if we find the time, Sunnyside Comics will have a presence on the iTunes Podcast Directory. But we’ll probably forget to do it.


6 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Riddle Me This…”

  1. Legion Of Jim Shooter?Terrifying notion. I actually don’t think I’ve ever read any comics by Shooter.And the Amish thing? He’s not getting off the hook, especially when he invoked Witness.

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