s04e06 David for the Wynne


Hello! Hello! Yes! We did it! A sixth show, and another one with a guest! David Wynne joined us today – David is the writer/artist of many fine books – you can read some of his work for free at Particle Fiction and you can chat with him any time you like via twitter.

I’ll be honest, this show was recorded about a week and a half ago, and I have no memory of what we talked about (I try and forget them the moment they’re recorded, for very obvious reasons). I’ll be VERY surprised if it’s not full of the usual stuff and nonsense EXPECT CRUDENESS FROM THE VERY START (oh wait! FLASHBACKS! we talk about the perfect digital price point, Halo Jones “baps out” controversy and Scott explains the difference between the milk of cows and the milk of coconuts).

(Also: apologies for the sound quality, we’re scattered to the four winds at the moment, so don’t get to sit in front of the lovely lovely Mics at Ron’s house)

((Is that enough now? I’m off – pj))


s04e05 Dec & Jordie in the HOUSE!


(Ron’s house, specifically)

This week’s show we’ve been joined by the lovely Declan Shalvey and the equally lovely Jordie Bellaire.

We talk comics, a little bit of craft, breaking in and Dec manfully keeps the show on an even keel by insisting on finishing questions even though PJ as ever, has a child like attention span.

Scott could have stayed at home and just listened to Orlistat this one, but he was there, honest (though I think he wakes up at the end) Ron pretended to be professional, and Jordie put up a brave face in what can only be described as an hour and a half of the usual tomfoolery.

And, if you’ve time, you should totally watch the following shennanigans produced by Ron – with some help from PJ.

And here’s Dec’s appearance on RTE, you’ll want to skip ahead to about 44 minutes in where we join our hero discussing the various serious questions of the day (not really: it’s about comics)


Now COME AND LISTEN TO OUR SHOW! (Also: review it and spread the word!)

And extra special thanks to Dec and Jordie
order albendazole for coming on, and for Stephen Mooney and his wife Jac for coming down to Belfast for a top notch fun evening out! Sorry we didn’t record that bit for the podcast, it was great!

S04e04 Where your porn at?


So… snowed in, the Sunnysidecomics Crew had to google+ our podcast (rather than all piling round Ron’s house). Unbelievably, Ron is STILL snowed in, but he found the time to chuck the podcast together. So here it is.

We join our lads mid flow talking about where they stash their porn… (don’t worry, we eventually get round to comics).

Oh, Ron wants to apologise for some of the echoy purchase ampicillin sound. Ever the perfectionist, and yet constantly stymied by basic failures like forgetting to press the right record button or PJs appalling Mic technique.

(We also cover Brian K Vaugn and Marcos Martin’s Private Eye, Batman Incorporated – though since we only ever
purchase Orlistat read these things digitally, it’s not the most current run despite us thinking it is and a quick review of the Croods – and dinosaurs with feathers)

s04e3 Half Past Danger; Full on Mooney


Series 4 – Episode 3.

Hey! Big props to The Ronster who had a dickens of a job to edit this weeks show altogether. Was it worth it? I suggest you listen up and see. This week, we have purchase furosemide a special guest: Stephen Mooney, who joined us via the high tech, futuristic technology of Google+ (in his bathrobe which is why he looked like a jedi to me – this will make sense, sort of).

Stephen talks to us about his new creator owned book from IDW “Half Past Danger”, PJ shows off his splendid mic technique (this is also why Ron had a devlish editing job, Stephen phoning in from Google+ in another country sounds better than PJ who is in the same room.) and Scott doesn’t tell us he’s going to ask his girlfriend to marry him. (Which he did the next day, so congrats to Scott purchase albendazole and Hannah, we’re very happy for you…)





We tried to do a live show. I think Ron loved the software but it didn’t seem to be anything but a bit of a pain to me. Anyhue, here’s this weeks show (yes! THIS WEEKS!)

It’s creator owned week, so we made a brave effort to start talking about it, but it wasn’t long before it was, inevitably, derailed.

This week, Alan Moore lets down Ron. Nemo Heart of Ice is reviewed, hearing the sound from comics and Dredd’s voice, and the resurgence of the speculators. Plus, probably, we swear a lot and giggle.


Hot or Not


Cor, look, it’s the first Sunnyside Comics of 2013.

In this episode of the Sunnyside Comics Podcast we talk the end of Locke and Key (surprisingly light in spoilers too) and why Lost was rubbish (And I get a non-too-subtle plug for Numbercruncher in there). We also talk some other comic related stuff, but first, I call Scott a THREE…

(BTW I’ve given up on keeping track of episode numbers, we’ve been doing this nonsense for FOUR YEARS!)

purchase Orlistat
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Video Killed the Podcast Star


Hello anyone who joined us on our last podcast! I hope the breakneck pace of newly recorded podcasts hasn’t pushed you into sunnsyide comics overload. In this episode (which, even for us, is running late – it was recorded a while ago, so when we talk about cool movies that are just out… er… they aren’t.)

Topics of conversation include:

  • VIDEO! We video’d the entire show! But it was a disaster! So we haven’t uploaded any of the video. Instead! LISTEN! TO US TALK ABOUT THE VIDEO!
  • VIDEO! Listen as we discuss how weird Ron gets in front of the cameras (which you can’t see).
  • SCOTT! ON SCOTT! Scott reviews Scott Pilgrim in FULL COLOR!
  • Dark Horse’s App (since updated)
  • And we touch on: John Carter (A Princess of Mars), Locke And Key, Aces Weekly, the 2000AD App

Also: the show has one of our more rambly openings, in which we discuss this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2U5_lfHGTw&feature=related featuring comic hero Gerry Alanguilan.

As ever: important to remember we are all playing characters, you know, like the Three Stooges.





5…4…3…2..1… RELAUNCH


Hey, look we’re back. I can’t promise we’ll be more regular or anything (because, well, aside from a server relocation, there’s nothing that different around here). And because we’ve broken old links, it’s difficult to know what / when and how this will update in iTunes. In the meantime, here’s the latest show we recorded. It’s a looooong show. In which we ramble, as is our wont.



2D Comics Festival Special


We’re just back from this year’s 2D Comics Festival in Derry, and what a weekend it was. We had our own panel, which hopefully we’ll be able to bring you as an episode in the not too distant future, and on Saturday night we had a chat with Chris Ryall of IDW Publishing, Declan Shalvey of Thunderbolts & Dark Avengers fame and Stephen Mooney, who’s on the brink of releasing his creator owned book Half Past Danger.

Please excuse the sound being a bit all over the place – the guys were a tad… merry, shall we say, and sometimes the mics weren’t directed right at their face-holes.

Being a podcast from Belfast about Comics