Episode 4 – Price of Progress


In this episode we discuss the effect the internet has had on the comics industry, then we attempt to review Bryan Talbot’s new book Grandville.

With any luck we’ll get some consistency to this whole podcasting thing soon. I’ve moved the hosting to Podbean now, which actually costs us a bit of money, but the email limitations of Gmail/Posterous were forcing us to compromise too much with the sound quality of the show.
Perhaps if Posterous allowed you to insert audio files by FTP we might return to their (admittedly much nicer looking) player, but for now we’ll have to settle for bringing in yet another web service.
One benefit of Podbean though is that we can actually get listed on the iTunes Podcast Directory, which is something I’ll try to set up in the very near future. One major downside though is their shitty-wee flash-player, that is completely useless to iPhone users. However, they can directly stream the show from this link.

Anyway, it’s worth pointing out that if we post links to comics now they’ll probably be Amazon Affiliated – this means that a really small percentage of the cost of the book will be paid to us, which will help pay for the show. So get clicking!

Episode 3 – Big Balls


Another week, another round of idiocy.

This week we chat about comic-book-inspired movies and review The Nobody by Jeff Lemire and Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Hunter.

Still unhappy with the quality of the audio – it isn’t Posterous fault, really. The ’email only’ feature of the blogging system means that we’re limited to the maximum size of attachment permitted by the email provider.

In this case its Googlemail, and they have a maximum of 25mb for attachment.

So, in the next couple of weeks we’ll be investigating an alternative for hosting the show, so we can deliver you top quality chit-chat at the highest possible audio quality!

Until then, enjoy.

Episode 2 – Paul Hates Pope


Wow. We made to a second episode. Already defying our own expectations, soon we’ll start working on everyone else’s.

In this episode we discuss what’s wrong with super-heroes and how to get kids back into comic shops, plus Ron reviews The Other Side by Jason Aaron and Cameron Stewart.
Sorry for the audio quality – from here on in it’s going to get better, I promise you.

So, do us a favour and tweet about it, tell your friends and most of all listen to it.

All comments welcome as usual. It feeds our vanity.

in the post today…

Just hot-footed it down the stairs to be handed this by the postie. It’s the new book by David Mazzuchelli, Asterious Polyp.

I only know Mazzuchelli from his art with Frank Miller on Batman: Year One and Daredevil: Born Again, so it was a real surprise to see the style he has for this book.

Looking forward to checking it out – expect a review on the show at some stage, or maybe on here first.

Next thing to figure out though is how to get publishers to send us this stuff for free!

Jeff Lemire’s Tweet Tooth

Earlier on this evening @sunnysidecomics became the 500th follower of Eisner and Harvey Award nominee Jeff Lemire on Twitter.

As a prize he is sending me a sketch! High five!

So, as a thank-you in return I thought I’d post this image from his upcoming Vertigo series, Sweet Tooth. It’s the off-beat horror-tale of a young boy born with antlers and his bounty-hunter companion.

It looks incredible, to be quite honest. Lemire’s style is very much something that you grow to love, and this is the first time I’ve seen it coloured, beyond the covers of his books. The colourist is Jose Villarubia, who is quite frankly one of the very best in the business – his work on Promethea with J.H.Williams III still leaves me agog.

Now, in truth I don’t know too much about the story of Sweet Tooth. All I really needed to know was that it was by the creator of the incredibly moving Essex County series. That being said, the sample pages up on Jeff’s blog are enough to let me know that this is in all likelihood going to end up on a lot of people’s ‘best of year’ lists come December. 

His most recent book, The Nobody, hasn’t been released in the UK yet, but I already have it on pre-order at Amazon. A re-telling (or re-tooling) of the Invisible Man story, it also looks fantastic. 

I’ll probably review the Essex County books in an upcoming show, determined as I am to make everyone I know read them – they’re a truly masterful collection of stories, from a creator I believe will become one of the most important names in comics.

Kieron Gillen controls beasts, dragons and women

So it looks like another indie creator has made the leap to the big leagues. Kieron Gillen, who most of you will know as the writer of the incredible Phonogram, will be writing S.W.O.R.D., a new series featuring the Brand character from Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men, as well as OG mutant Beast and Lockheed from the pages of Excalibur.


Normally I couldn’t care less when a new X-Book is announced, but Keiron’s an excellent writer who more than capable of making the MARVEL Universe appeal to me.

I’ll probably knock out a post on my checkered history with the MARVEL Universe soon (and probably reference my sordid liaisons with the DCU as well), but for now I fear I may find myself checking out some xenomorph-related tales in the near future.

Oh, and if you want to check out some of Kieron’s handiwork, here is a 4 page story called ‘Horror’ he worked on with our very own PJ Holden.

Articles? Interviews? Nervous Breakdowns?

Yes, we hope to have all these things, and more. But for now we’re aiming to concentrate on getting the podcast done every week.

Once that’s become a (relatively) smooth process, we can probably get more writing up here. As for interviews – we haven’t yet decided if they’ll be part of the podcast proper, or ‘special’ episodes between regular shows.
Yep, look at us, talking up things we haven’t even attempted yet, just like the kid in school no-one liked.

Sunnyside Comics – Episode 1


Well, it’s here. In this inaugural episode we talk about the ins and outs of comics-conventions, and PJ tells us about an app for reading comics on an iPhone. And somehow this takes the guts of an hour.

If you like it, tell us about it in the comments here or onĀ Twitter.

If you don’t like it, feel free to tell us why you think it’s shit via the same methods. We’re all big boys, with the certificates to prove it.

That’s all for tonight, see you all tomorrow!

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