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Here’s some of what our listeners (and, let’s be honest, personal friends) have said about our show (and if you want, you can also leave a review – that would be great!)


Obligatory FIRST!

by LeeNygma

Irish rambling, wandering purchase furosemide off topic and blokes talking comics and the industry. Avoiding the pitfalls of elitism and obscure references, an excellent, humourous listen for comic fans of all ranges. I’m sold.

A walk through the world of Comics – with rambling and funny asides

by Colin Tate

A very enjoyable podcast that is both laugh out-loud funny and informative. Its a blend of astute observations which are useful for those wanting to get into the industry, as well as being geared towards the regular comics fan, thanks to its reviews purchase albendazole and general observations about what is worth checking out. PJ Holden (2000AD artist), and his fellow contributors Scott and Ron have done themselves proud. Heartily recommended!

Maximum Your Ma’s

by Keith Bloomfield

I can’t recommend the Sunnyside Comics podcast enough. Constantly amusing, often thought provoking and always entertaining, PJ, Ron and Scott always make this well worth a listen. When it goes off topic it is always for the best of reasons, but the comics related chat is top notch and PJ is one of the modern great artists working on 2000AD today. It doesn’t hurt that purchase albendazole my friends also think I look like Ron!
If your looking for an accessible, friendly and laugh out loud funny podcast about comics and anything else that distracts the guys from this weeks topic then do yourself a favour and subscribe to this podcast now – you won’t regret it.

M Lynch

by M lynch

This is a great show, a nice mix of comicbook talk and comedy.

Comics and comedy

by Tordelback

A consistently clever mix of comics review, perspectives on the craft and business of comics, surreal rambling asides and just plain purchase furosemide fecking about. The hugely personable crew of regulars generate very funny stream-of-consciousness material with a Norn Iron slant, the whole thing coming across like a particularly satisfying evening spent in the pub. Episode 7 in particular is a riot. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys comics, waffle, wit and grown men acting like eejits.

Great Show

by Tommie Kelly

Just wish they’d do more 😀

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