Season 2 – Episode 2 – Yaaarrrr!


Piracy. It’s a funny old game. During the week there was a bit of chat on Twitter about Colleen Doran’s article at The Hill. We took this as a jumping off point to discuss our own experiences with piracy, what we think of it, who does it…

Or at least we do our best while PJ waves around his new favourite appendage.

Along the way we do mention Chris Scheitzer’s excellent book Crogan’s Vengeance. And anything we admit to that’s illegal or dodgy is just us having a joke. Our lawyers told us to say that.

We also squeeze in a bit of a chat about comic collections, and then Scott goes off on one about TV downloading.

Also, our last show of this year is coming up, and we’d love to know what you think the books of 2010 have been, and also what you’d like for Christmas. Fire your thoughts into the comments, or over at Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Season 2 – Episode 2 – Yaaarrrr!”

  1. The “I’ve paid for the ads” argument is complete nonsense. You pay for Sky which is a subscription *and* advertising revenue model. It’d be like saying “I’ve paid my license fee, so I’m entitled to download this DVD rip of Doctor Who”. You’re not. You pay the fee/subscription to be able to view the show in sanctioned ways, anything else is extra.Just admit you’re a filthy pirate through and through. Unlike me, of course, I edit out the adverts on my own. Ahem.

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