Season 2 Episode 5 – Throw Us on the Fire


We’ve been camping it up at Sunnyside Towers!

Or rather, Ron’s got a bit carried away with the sound effects. Never mind.

Still, we had our fun, and that’s what counts.

Some chat about the iPad 2, BPRD – Plague of Frogs, Thor and the fact that Scott’s not single. For how long, who can say?

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One thought on “Season 2 Episode 5 – Throw Us on the Fire”

  1. I was listening to an episode again today (I find myself re-listening to Sunnyside Comics because the episodes are so funny and late…not always in that order) and I noticed that you had offered pictures of all of ya’ll in your skivvies. How can I get one of those photos to put up there with me and my wife? I’ll pay postage.

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