Video Killed the Podcast Star


Hello anyone who joined us on our last podcast! I hope the breakneck pace of newly recorded podcasts hasn’t pushed you into sunnsyide comics overload. In this episode (which, even for us, is running late – it was recorded a while ago, so when we talk about cool movies that are just out… er… they aren’t.)

Topics of conversation include:

  • VIDEO! We video’d the entire show! But it was a disaster! So we haven’t uploaded any of the video. Instead! LISTEN! TO US TALK ABOUT THE VIDEO!
  • VIDEO! Listen as we discuss how weird Ron gets in front of the cameras (which you can’t see).
  • SCOTT! ON SCOTT! Scott reviews Scott Pilgrim in FULL COLOR!
  • Dark Horse’s App (since updated)
  • And we touch on: John Carter (A Princess of Mars), Locke And Key, Aces Weekly, the 2000AD App

Also: the show has one of our more rambly openings, in which we discuss this youtube video: featuring comic hero Gerry Alanguilan.

As ever: important to remember we are all playing characters, you know, like the Three Stooges.





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